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Welcome to German Flight Trainers

Engineering and Technical Consulting

We are a German simulation company based near Frankfurt specialized in flight simulation technology for flight training and simulation devices. Our mission is to provide useful support and deliver smart and cost efficient solutions for their needs.  

German Flight Trainers is a unique player in the European market as provider of independent technical expertise and services. We are not affiliated with any manufacturer nor do we recommend specific brands or solutions.

As consulting service we

  • focus on Technology and Engineering.
  • understand pilots, engineers, marketing people and managers - and we can link them.  
As engineering service we
  • work from a strong experience in Simulation & Training systems
  • understand to look at the individual training needs
  • possess deep sub-system insights.

Our Services include:

  • Classical project support, on-site or off-site. System Engineering, Hard- and Software development, Testing, Documentation, Technical sales support.
    There is no minimum program time.
  • Technical consulting and guidance in Simulation, System concepts or Training Applications
  • Individual Technical Training for engineers, key personnel, deciders
  • Prototyping in hard and software