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German Flight Trainers has 20 years experience in commercial, military and civil flight training, both fixed wing and rotary wing.

Our services benefit from expertise in the areas of

  • Simulation system engineering 
  • software development Windows/Linux, C++, Scripting, Assembler
  • hardware development CAD/CAM, PCB Design, micro controller applications
  • technical project management
  • team management
  • contract management
  • sales and proposal support
  • integration and testing
  • simulator qualification support / QTG support
  • flight procedures and pilot training
  • night vision applications   


Our information footprint is minimal by design. We do not run ads, press covers etc nor do we spread any information about our customers or projects.

We found out early that our customers do quickly recognize competent people by talking to them. We believe in open communication and our reference is our work attitude.


Our experience covers the full range of training devices from

  • Full Flight/Full Mission Trainers
  • Procedure Trainers
  • Maintenance Trainers
  • Part task trainers
  • Non-commercial Simulation Devices

Work that has been done on platforms like Airbus A400M, A320, A340, CH53, Eurofighter, EC135, H300, NH90, Tiger, Tornado, UH1-D, NH90.

German Flight Trainers has a special expertise in Helicopter simulation.