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What can we do for you?

  • Are you new is the area of flight simulation and training and would love to get some independent guidance? Do you think about introducing simulation into your training syllabus? Do you find no competent and independent opinion on synthetic training devices?
  • Do you have a project to run and got a severe resource issue? Did you find out that the market does not get you trained simulation specialists easy? Did you get a new team member who is genius in his area but has little clue how a simulator works or what the pilots do in there? Do you need technical knowledge in combination with piloting knowledge for testing? Any language trouble with German native speakers?
  • Are you in R&D or business development and need some fresh ideas for an important demo or a proposal? Do you want to check out some hot new COTS technology but missed to apply for R&D resources last year? Did you ever spoil a huge and important proposal because in the last 3 days you had no one to run a overall consistency check (red team)?  

In such cases we had been able to help before.

  • Engineering Support
  • Project support (requirement,design,development,testing,installation,maintenance)
  • Technology and research support (technical and technical management)

  • Individual Training for engineers and key personnel 
  • Simulator Qualification support, QTG support
  • Sales & Marketing support (proposals, demos).
  • Individual Technical Training
  • Obsolescence Support

Although this is a wide range of work, we always are looking to add new challenges.

Our assignments range from a couple of hours up to long term support over several years. We are working with customers from different areas

  • Simulator manufacturers / Integrators
  • System Suppliers
  • Simulator users such as Flight Schools, FTO's 

  • Procurement bodies
  • Universities and Technology providers
  • Other parties with an interest in the simulation market or profession training & simulation domain